Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel for the Dying

Hail, most glorious Saint Michael! hail most merciful leader of the Heavenly host! hail, honour and glory of the Angelic hierarchy! O most illustrious Prince, O sublime hero, ornament of Paradise, brilliant jewel of the Celestial Palace; full of wisdom, perfect in beauty, Thou art the impress of the Divine likeness; gold and precious stones increase Thy splendour; Thou dost walk in the fulness of joy through Paradise; Thou dost proceed to the mount of God, through the midst of shining fires; Thou hast been appointed by God, the Prince of souls, Thou dost raise them up, and bring them into the dwelling of eternal joy. I venture, blessed Prince, to remind Thee of all the graces, which the infinite bounty of God has bestowed upon Thee, above all orders of Angels; and I pray Thee, by the mutual love of the three Divine Persons, deign to receive my soul at my last hour, and to gain favour for me from the Divine Judge, by the power of Thy intercession. Grant the same protection to all the dying, for whom I now intercede, and obtain for them the grace of a holy death. Amen.

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