The Child Saint Francis de Sales and the Heretic Chickens

As a child Saint Francis de Sales was lively and restless, wanting to be curious around the immense castle where he lived. His mother and nanny had to be constantly vigilant to see where he was and what he was doing. His mother taught him catechism, narrating beautiful religious examples whereby Francis beame very devout to the True Church of Christ. One day a Calvinist visited the castle, Francis found out and not being able to be in the living room to protest, he took a stick in his hands, and full of indignation went to the farmyard of hens, attacking and screaming to them: “ Out of here, heretic: we don’t want heretics.” The poor hens left, running for their lives. The servants arrived in time to save them.
Saint Francis de Sales Prayer as a Child 
O, My God, if by Thine infinite Justice, I have to go to hell for ever, grant me the grace to love Thee there. I don’t care if Thou send me all the tortures possible, but only if it is for me to love Thee always.

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