The Dignity of the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, though a true human heart, is yet not the heart of any human person. His human nature subsists in His Divine personality. Hence His Sacred Heart has the dignity which belongs, in virtue of His Divine nature, to the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. It is, so to speak, absorbed in the glory of the Divinity, though without losing its character of a true human heart; just as a piece of iron does not cease to be iron because it glows with the heat of the fire into which it is plunged. Rejoice in the glory of the Sacred Heart, and adore the Divinity which dwells there.
The Sacred Heart is also bound up in the closest union with the Divine nature of Jesus Christ. It is endowed with Divine qualities which flow into it from the God-head. It has authority without limit over the hearts of men. They are all its subjects, whom it has the right to command. It loves men as God only can love them. It loves God as only those can love Him who see Him face to face.
In the Sacred Heart of Jesus are centred all the supernatural powers which the nature of man is capable of possessing. What is there that it cannot effect? It has in itself the power of working miracles. It shares the Divine prerogative of unbounded mercy. As from the sun flow light and heat, so from the Heart of Jesus flow all possible supernatural graces. What then may not I expect from its Divine generosity?

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