Prayer to Jesus’ Agony in the Garden

His Blood shed in the Garden of Gethsemane
Beloved Jesus, who, on beholding the sins, the crimes, the ingratitude, the coldness of men, the eternal damnation of so many souls, and the frightful evils of sin, wast by Thy love thrown into a bitter agony, and didst shed Thy precious blood so copiously in the garden of Gethsemane; grant me, through this same blood, and for the infinite charity which caused Thee to drink the bitter chalice of Thy Passion, and by the sorrow of Thy most holy mother, when she beheld Thy suffering, oh, grant me, I pray Thee, an unshaken constancy in suffering all things for Thee; be pleased to enlighten the mind of all men, that they may not, by their evil lives, be deprived for all eternity of the benefits of Thy blood and Thy love. Amen
(3× GLORY Be)
And Jesus wept (Saint John Ch.11:35)

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