Statements Made by Padre Pio, and His Answers to Questions by Cleonice Morcaldi

Cleonice Morcaldi a Spiritual Daughter of Padre Pio and close Friend was born on January 22, 1904. From a numerous family, she lived in dire poverty childhood, adolescence, and study life, until she became a teacher. She met Padre Pio in 1920. Padre Pio showed a singular predilection for her. Her strong faith in God enlightened her life, and let her stick to what her eyes saw and what her ears heard. She relentlessly pursued the quest to know more and more of the flood of love that God had versed on Padre Pio. She made the wows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and renewed them every year on December 8, feast of the Immaculate Conception. Through direct verbal interaction, and by question in writing usually passed to Padre Pio by Pietruccio the blind, – who also brought back the answers handwritten by Padre Pio, her unshaken persistence gave us a fascinating glimpse of the afterlife, and let us know some of what our eye couldn’t see of the gigantic battle going on between good and evil. Her fearless faith made her unique, and we are grateful for what she did. After the death of Padre Pio in 1968 she spent her life helping the poor and spreading Padre Pio’s message of unconditional love for God and the neighbor. Cleonice died on February 23, 1987.
1.Padre Pio told some spiritual children gathered after confession: “I can forget myself, but not my children; I tell you that when the Lord will call me, I will stay at the door of paradise and I will tell Him: ‘Lord, I do not enter before I see that all my children have entered.’ ”
Did you really say that? “I made this proposal to the Lord. I don’t know if He accepts it.” “I can forget myself, but not the children that cost me blood: I promise you that I will stay at the door of paradise until I will see in the last of my children.”
2. There is a prophecy that a friar of Saint Francis will bring to God a third of the world. Padre Pio remarked “More, more.”
3. Say something about Ascension. Padre Pio: “There are two ascensions, one to the Calvary, and the other to heaven.”
4. Did Jesus cry in Bethlehem? “Yes. He suffered like any other child.”
5. “God doesn’t send souls to hell; they want to go.”
6. Did the prophet Elijah die? “He disappeared in a chariot of fire. Maybe he is in paradise. He will come at the end of times to fight the Antichrist.”
7. In Paradise, with all that multitude of angels and saints won’t be difficult to have one to one conversations?“We will be alone, even if we will be in company. Nobody will prevent us to communicate with whomever we want.”
8. Was the serpent tempting Eve an animal? “It was the devil talking through him”.
9. Where were the Angels before the test? “They were in another world.
And After the test? “They went to Paradise.
10. Why Jesus said to Mary: Don’t touch me. “To let her live of faith.” Didn’t she have faith? “No. Because she said: “Lord, if you were here my brother wouldn’t have died.’ “The centurion had faith when he said: You don’t need to come to the house. Just say a word and my servant will be healed.”
11. Why did Judas betray Jesus? “For wickedness.” Peter disowned Jesus. “And that was a mortal sin.” John did run away too. “Yes but he didn’t disown.”
12. Did they overturn the cross with Jesus on it to clinch the nails? “Yes.”
13. Is there a shortcut to get fast to God? “The shortcut is Mary. Jesus comes to us through Mary”
They say that the rosary is outmoded. “Let’s do the way we have always done. Let’s love the Madonna. Let’s make people love the Madonna.
Let’s pray the holy rosary that She Herself thought us.”
“He who prays a lot will be saved. He who prays a little is in danger. He who doesn’t pray is condemned.”
“He who prays a lot saves himself and saves others.”
Father, what is your Mass?
– A sacred accomplishment of the Passion of Jesus.
– What should I comprehend in your Holy Mass?
– All of Calvary.
– Father, tell me all that you suffer at the Holy Mass.
– All what Jesus suffered in his Passion, I inadequately suffer to the extent a human creature can possibly suffer. All of it at no merit of my own and only because of His Goodness.
– Father, how could we know about your passion?
– In knowing the Passion of Jesus, you will also know mine.
– Do you have the agony of death, Father, like Jesus in the Garden?
– Probably.
– Does the angel also come to comfort you?
– Yes.
– What FIAT do you say?
– The one of suffering, and always to suffer for the brothers in exile and for His Divine Kingdom.
– You also said…”and they will shout: Crucify him, crucify him!” Who will shout?
– The children of men… more precisely the beneficiaries of His death.
– How was Jesus after being scourged?
– The prophet says: “He became as a whole sore. He became like a leper”
– So, you also are like a sore from head to foot?
– And is not this our glory? If there is no place left for more sores, we will make sores on top of sores.
– My God, this is too much! You are, dear Father, a real executioner of yourself!
– Do not be afraid. On the contrary rejoice in it. I do not want the suffering in itself, no, but the fruits it gives me. It praises God and saves our brothers. What else could I wish for?
– Father. When at night you are scourged, are you alone or does somebody assist you.
– The Holy Virgin assists me, all of Paradise is present.
– Jesus has made me feel that you suffer the crown of thorns.
– Otherwise the immolation would not be complete.
– What sins did Jesus pay for with the crowning of thorns?
– For all, especially those regarding thoughts, not excluding the vain and useless ones.
– Father, do you have the thorns on your forehead or around your head?
– Around the whole head.
– Father, how many thorns does your crown have…Thirty?
– Ah…yes!
– Father, I think that your crown does not have 30, but 300 thorns.
– You get impressed because of a zero! Anyway, is not thirty contained in three hundred?
– Father, is it true that you suffer the torment of the crowning of thorns during the Holy Mass?
– And you doubt it?
– During the whole Mass?
– And also before and after it. The crown is never taken away.
– Father, do you also suffer what Jesus suffered during the Way of the Cross?
– Yes. But I wish to do so, in order to arrive at the point of suffering to which the Divine Master arrived.
– Who are your Simon of Cyrene and Veronica?
– Jesus Himself.
– Father, at the Divine Sacrifice, do you take our iniquities on yourself?
– It is impossible to do it differently, as it is part of the Divine Sacrifice.
– So, does the Lord consider you a sinner?
– I do not know. But I am afraid to be so.
– I have seen you trembling when going up the stairs to the altar. Why? Was it because of what you were going to suffer?
– No, not because of what I am supposed to suffer, but because of what I should offer.
– Father, what time during the day do you suffer the most?
– During the celebration of the Holy Mass.
– Father, do you also suffer during the day what Jesus allows you to suffer during the Holy Mass?
– I would not feel well! How could I work? How could I do my ministry?
– At which part of the Divine Sacrifice do you suffer the most?
– From the Consecration to the Communion.
– At which moment of the Mass do you suffer the scourging?
– From the beginning to the end, but more intensely after the Consecration.
– Father, why do you almost always cry when you read the Gospel in the Holy Mass?
– And do you find it little thing that a God talks to His creatures, and they react against Him? That he is injured constantly by their ingratitude and incredulity?
Why do you suffer so much during the Consecration?
– Revealing the secrets of the Supreme King is desecrating them. You ask me why I suffer. I would like to shed not a few tears but abundant tears. Are you not conscious of the tremendous mystery? God, Victim of our sins! And we are His executioners!
The awesome mystery of the Consecration contains the last hours that Christ spent on the Cross. The crucified of Gargano now relives at the altar, one after the other, each of the last moments of the Crucified of Golgotha. Let us keep in mind what the Gospel says about Jesus. Especially at the introduction of the Crucifixion.
Did the executioners turn the Cross around to clinch the nails?
– Naturally!
– Do they also clinch the nails for you?
– I think so!
– Do they also turn around your cross?
– Yes, but do not be afraid.
Father, do you also speak during Holy Mass the “seven words” that Jesus stated on the Cross?
– Yes, although unworthily, I also speak them.
– And to whom do you say: Woman, there is your Son?
– I tell her: Here are the children of your Son.
– Do you suffer the thirst and rejection Jesus suffered?
– Yes.
– When do you experience thirst and rejection?
– After the Consecration.
– Until when do you suffer thirst and rejection?
– Normally up to the Communion.
– Did the Crucified Jesus have His innermost Being consummated?
– You should rather say burnt.
– For what did the Crucified Jesus thirst?
– For God’s Kingdom.
You told me you were ashamed of pronouncing this phrase: “I looked for someone to comfort me, but found none.” Why?
– Because our suffering is insignificant compared to the real suffering Jesus experienced.
– In front of whom do you feel ashamed?
– In front of God and in front of my conscience.
What did the Virgin do at the feet of the Crucified Jesus?
– She suffered watching her Son suffer. She offered to the Eternal Father her pain and the sufferings of Jesus for our salvation.
What is the Sacred Communion?
– It is interior and exterior Mercy. A total Embrace. Do not stop begging Jesus to make Himself sensibly noticed.
– Where does Jesus kiss you?
– He kisses me all over.
– When Jesus comes, does he visit only the soul?
– The entire being.
– What does Jesus do at Communion?
– He delights in His creatures.
– Is Communion an incorporation?
– It is a fusion. Like two candles that fuse together and cannot be distinguished one from the other.
– When you join Jesus in Holy Communion, what should we request the Lord for you?
– To let me be another Jesus, all Jesus, always Jesus.
Where did the dying Jesus look in His last gaze?
– Towards His Holy Mother.
How will our meeting with Jesus in Heaven be?
– Oh!… The Eucharistic could give us an idea.
Such was Padre Pio`s Mass, and not only men attended it:
– Does the Most Blessed Virgin Mary attend your Mass?
– Do you think the Mother is not interested in Her Son?
– Do angels attend your Mass?
– In legions!
– What do they do?
– Adore and praise.
– Father, who is closest to your altar?
– All of Paradise.
Father, does the Lord love the Sacrifice?
– Yes, because with It He has regenerated the world.
– How much glory to God does the Mass give?
– An infinite glory.
– What should we do during the Mass?
– Be compassionate and love.
– Father, how are we supposed to listen to the Mass?
– The way the Blessed Virgin and pious women attended to the tragedy of Calvary. The same way John attended the Eucharistic Sacrifice and the bloody Sacrifice of the Cross.
– What kind of fruits do we receive when we hear the Mass?
– They cannot be enumerated. You will know it only in Paradise.

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