Saint Colette Cures a Nun With Leprosy

As an abbess, Colette once went to Verey to make her eighth monastery foundation. She was welcomed warmly by the Dominican nuns (the spiritual sons and daughters of Dominic, Francis and Clare have always maintained a special friendship). St. Colette embraced and kissed each Dominican nun as they all came forward. But at the end of the greetings Colette noticed a young nun who stood at a distance and made no move to approach. St. Colette said to the Dominican chaplain standing nearby, “Shall I not also kiss her?”
“She is a leper, Reverend Mother,” the priest replied in embarrassment. “She cannot live in the community; over there is her house”; he pointed to a small building nearby. “We are sorry to distress you. It would have been better for her to stay away, but she wanted so much to come.” 
Full of Compassion for the girl Colette quickly walked straight over to the young nun. She put both arms around the obviously disease girl and gave her the warmest embrace of all. The other nuns fell back in alarm, and the young nun, not having been embraced for years, also recoiled in horror as she realized she had “contaminated” the famed and holy abbess. The priest moved forward to draw the abbess back. But Colette quietly announced that everything was all right. And indeed when all looked at the young nun, they saw that she had been cured of leprosy at all Praised the Lord for this miracle.

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